LeadFreeFaucets provide high quality accessory faucets for any point-of-use drinking water systems. They are most commonly used in kitchens and residential wet bars.  

LeadFreeFaucets are sold direct to water quality system distributors and dealers. They are not sold directly to the end-use customer.

Volume Purchasers: Differentiate your POU filtration system with a custom faucet design from LeadFree Faucets. Take advantage of the most visible part of your system. Always on display, it tells potential customers a lot about the quality of your system below sink level. LeadFree Faucets can design and produce unique, proprietary faucets that represent the high quality of your total system.

Many frequently asked water questions are addressed and explained in the Water Quality Association (WQA) free download: "Water Treatment for Dummies" at http://www.wqa.org/dummies. It is an informal and interesting outline answering many attributes and facts that may help make decisions concerning common water questions and issues.

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