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Welcome to LeadFree Faucets

LeadFree Faucets is a division of ToolBold Corporation

We feature all of our beautiful, functional and leadfree faucet families, colors and styles, and it will show you how they’ll perfectly match up with the style and decor of your home.

We Are Totally LeadFree!

All LeadFree Point-of-use (POU) drinking water system faucets are certified as components (for materials) by NSF International, assuring compliance with standards and showing that no detectable lead is imparted to the water by these faucets.

In fact, LeadFree Faucets meet all established standards in the USA, including the most stringent lead level restriction for faucets established by the State of California where regulations are even tighter than the US EPA's 15 parts-per-billion (ppb).

LeadFree Choice

LeadFree Faucets offers unparalleled customer choice options including body design, spout shape, escutcheon type, and finish...even mix-and-match customization. Now choice extends to handle selcetion. Standard or ergonomically-shaped handles are now available with matching finish. Either option is tough, clearly marked (hot or cold), works smoothly and offers design continuity.

LeadFree Warranty

All LeadFree Faucets are covered by a Lifetime Limited Warranty. External parts will be replaced during the lifetime of your system if they fail due to normal wear. All working parts are guaranteed for one full year.